Insurance Accepted

At Surf City Smiles, we accept all major insurance dental plans and will work with your carrier to maximize your benefit and clear procedures prior to scheduling an appointment. There are a wide selection of dental plans available on the market today and you should consider your specific needs, and research carefully before purchasing a plan. Often, HMO health insurance providers offer dental plans for an additional premium. These can be a cost-effective way to purchase dental insurance, but you should always check to find out what your co-pay will be, what services have deductibles, and what limits there are on the plan.

Preventative care, like regular cleaning, yearly x-rays, and screenings are often covered for minimal cost. But services such as filings, root canals, and other dental surgery are typically only partially covered. If you know that you are going to require any extensive dental work, a plan that covers a larger percentage of these services, though initially more costly, is probably a better investment. Discount and stand-alone dental insurance plans are available as well. Take the time to review the different plans, costs and coverages before purchasing. If you have specific questions about coverages, co-pays, and deductibles, be sure to call and speak with representatives from each company before you commit to a plan. Cost of coverage can vary widely, but the cheapest plan is not always the best choice.

Another thing to consider when purchasing dental insurance is the convenient location of dentists who accept the coverage you are considering. Make sure you get a comprehensive list of dentists, and dental specialists in your area, who accept the type of dental insurance you are contemplating, especially if you live in a rural area. Your dental insurance should make getting dental care easier, cost effective, and convenient. If the only providers under the plan are located too far away, an otherwise inexpensive plan can become useless. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, cost, convenience, and coverage should all be taken into consideration when choosing a dental plan. Some plans also provide add-on coverage for specialized dental services, such as orthodontic services, for an extra cost. If you have young children and anticipate that they will need braces at some point, this add-on coverage might be a wise investment. Do your research and make sure that the plan you purchase fits your family’s treatment, financial, and geographic requirements.